Vemuram Butter Machine Distortion

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Michael Landau’s dream distortion!

The Butter Machine was developed in collaboration with Michael Landau to create his ideal distortion pedal.

Vemuram invested over two years in R&D, creating countless prototypes.

They had Michael use these prototypes during sessions and tours to get direct feedback, aiming to achieve his perfect driven tone.

The result is a user-friendly distortion pedal with a wide range.

The Butter Machine allows you to control your picking nuance and dynamics, smoothly going from overdrive to full-on distortion!


Here's what Michael Landau had to say about the Butter Machine:

“In the past, I’ve used an SD9 as my high-gain pedal, my main distortion pedal for many years, but I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with it. It can be shrill and overly compressed if not dialed in just right… So a couple of years ago, I asked Daiya (CEO of Vemuram) if he could design a distortion pedal that had the positive sonic qualities of the SD9 but without the overly compressed, high-end harshness. We used the SD9 as a starting point, but this new Vemuram distortion pedal is a higher-grade unit with many improvements. Besides the Gain, Volume, and Tone knobs, there are two trim pots that let you fine-tune this pedal in a unique way. The final version of this new Vemuram distortion pedal has a perfectly open, natural feeling overdrive. It has gain and sustain for days… yet it stays clear, punchy, and solid when you roll the volume back on your guitar. It’s very easy to dial in the perfect amount of overdrive with this pedal while keeping all of the musicality intact. Vemuram has designed the best distortion pedal that I have ever played through. We named it the “Butter Machine,” and if you play through one, you’ll know why. It’s a very satisfying sonic experience.”


Vemuram Butter Machine Distortion Pedal features:

• Michael Landau signature distortion pedal.

• Inspired by the SD9, but tweaked to remove any high-end harshness and overly compressed tone.

• Controls: Volume, Gain, Tone.

• Trimmers: Low-Mid, Sparkle.

• True Bypass.

• Power: 9V DC.

• Current Draw: 100mA.

• Dimensions: 70mm x 113mm x 50mm.



Type Distortion
Condition New
Power 9V DC
Current Draw 100mA
Power supply included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
awesome service and awesome pedal !!!

The vemuram pedals are on another level.... and this one is a keeper!!!

Mike Frontin

First of all, this is a high quality structure. Very solid build. Will stand a bit of abuse. Secondly, it sounds great when I use my strat or tele and sounds good through my tube amp and sounds good through my Strymon Iridium as well. There are two trim pots on the pedal exterior. It can be a bit time consuming to dial them in because they have a very wide sweep (range). But I found once I had them set, I didn't have to touch them again despite playing trough different scenarios (as described above). I use the volume and tone controls on my guitars alot. This overdrive responds to that in a very pleasing way.


That pedal is just so good. exceeded my expectations in how versatile it is. my holy grail…until the next one…lol.

Gavin McDiarmid
Vemuram Butter Machine

When you play a Maxon SD-9, the first thing that hits you is how different it is from a TS. The way it retains bottom end with 'thumpy' impact and seems to highlight both the lower mids and upper mid presence (obviously a super important area for us , especially when trying to fit into a full band frequency spectrum) is really exciting, very different from the other, madly famous Maxon offering . It's also a harder edged sound, definitely a distortion in contrast to the soft clipping TS circuit - If you want a bit of 'cut' or 'edge', the SD-9 can be stellar (with a band, really good!). If you like strats, or lower output pickups in general, it can be a really great flavour, obviously well loved by Landau and Scott Henderson most famously. The issue with the SD-9 is that it can be finnicky! relying on the right amp setup and response to deliver it's best. It can get bloated, shrill etc. Most of us have a hard time now setting great valve amps to their sweet spot etc!
This labour of love by Vemuram, The Butter Machine, presents a sort of idealised version of the SD-9, with great input from one of the most prominent and experienced users. That job has been done extremely well here. Tone is subjective, but can I say trust me?? Perhaps trust Landau - much better. Then there is the Vemuram factor. The build is quite something - exceptional, I'd even say beautiful. The clean up is so impressive, so musical to use. A big thank you to Electric Mojo, the best.