SolidGoldFX Ether Reverb

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Ambient bliss is only a stomp away!

A compact modulated reverberator, Ether delivers vast ambient and shimmering soundscapes.

With endless tails, Ether is further manipulated by Tap Tempo Vibrato, Tremolo and Harmonic-Tremolo.

Ether was designed to bring you to a realm of dark, cavernous voids and eerie, yet shimmering reflections. Ambient bliss is only a stomp away!

At the core of the Ether is SGFX’ new full-bodied ambient reverb featuring Decay, Color and Level controls, with an optional Shimmer mode.

While most Shimmer reverbs aim for an angelic effect, the team at SolidGoldFX prefers things to have a little more of a twisted sonic signature.

SGFX created a shimmer algorithm that has a tendency to devolve as it decays: creating a sound drenched in an Ether induced dissonant haze.

The Decay control takes you from a confined space to the infinite heavens, while the Color knob allows you to make the tone as dark or as snappy as you please.

With an extended range on the Level knob, the output of the reverb signal can overtake the dry signal (perfect for those seeking extra colorful effects).

But, let’s talk about what really sets this pedal apart from being just another reverb box: the modulation!

SolidGoldFX equipped this compact goliath of a stompbox with 3 different modulation types (each with 3 different LFO shapes and Tap Tempo operation).

The Vibrato adds a melting fluidity and washed out chorus flavor to the verb.

The Tremolo can divide things up into subtle waves, or absolutely chop up your tails for a more percussive decay!

The Harmonic-Tremolo adds a wonderful Push/Pull character that tilts the sonic spectrum between highs and lows, all while sweeping everything in between.

So, when you’re ready for a new high take a hit on the Ether and let the sound take you away!

SolidGoldFX Ether Ambient Reverb features:

• Long Ambient Reverb with Infinite Hold.

• Selectable Shimmer effect.

• Analog Dry-through.

• Vibrato, Tremolo and Harmonic-Tremolo effects on wet signal, with Tap Tempo.

• Sawtooth, Sine and Special Waveforms, via centre-detent Depth control.

• Top-mounted Jacks.

• True Bypass with Trails switching.

• Power: 9V DC.

• Current Draw: 70mA.



condition New
Type Reverb
Power 9V DC
Current Draw 100mA
Power supply included No
Manufacturer Warranty 3 years
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