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The result of a collaboration between Jackson Audio and Joey Landreth.

The Golden Boy redefines the concept of transparent overdrive and brings it up to date with modern features never before seen in an overdrive pedal!

The Golden Boy is a very flexible overdrive with 4 presets, an innovative gain adjustment feature, and a 3-band active EQ for maximum tonal flexibility.

To top it off, Jackson Audio added the same MOSFET boost found in their beloved PRISM Preamp!

The Golden Boy is based on the Bluesbreaker / King of Tone circuit.

The resulting tone is very open, uncompressed and transparent sounding.

Think John Mayer overdriven tones.

The Golden Boy sits in the mix perfectly and while it adds overdrive and grit, your guitar still sounds like your guitar!

Where the Golden Boy differs from other Bluesbreaker type circuits is that it has the ability to run much higher gain.

You can use the Golden Boy as an always-on tone shaper, a low gain transparent
overdrive, a mid gain drive or a high gain drive. All without bending down!

With the Golden Boy, you keep playing and use your foot (or MIDI) to adjust the gain for you.

Overdrive overview.

The Golden Boy allows for 4 different presets of clipping diodes which drastically alter the tone and feel of the way the overdrive clips and distorts.

Preset 1 (Classic Screamer): The classic drive and compression that the Tube Screamer is known for.

Preset 2 (Asymmetric Clipping): A more complex and interesting tone. This sounds great when laying down aggressive rhythm parts!

Preset 3 (Symmetrical Clipping) : A more focused and direct tone. Two notable pedals that uses this style of clipping are the Timmy and the King of Tone.

Preset 4 (Vintage Marshall) : Your tone will stay more open and less compressed (much like a vintage Marshall).

Boost overview.

The independent boost circuit in the Golden Boy is a MOSFET-based boost (much like the Amp Mode found in Jackson Audio's best selling PRISM Preamp).

One of the things that makes the boost in the Golden Boy different from other boosts on the market is that it has 4 presets available.

Each preset is EQ’d slightly differently to allow it to alter how it interacts with the overdrive circuit (or any other pedal you may have in your rig).

Innovative Gain cycle feature.

The Gain Cycle feature takes the Gain knob setting and divides that level of gain into 4 equal parts.

Say, for instance, you have your Gain knob set at the maximum setting (100% gain).

Every time you press both footswitches simultaneously, the gain of the pedal will jump up 25% (until you get to 100%).

3-Band Active EQ.

The Golden Boy's Drive circuit features a 3-band active EQ.

Based on the legendary Baxandall EQ that is featured in countless studio EQs, the Golden Boy's EQ takes this circuit and tailors it for guitarists.

MIDI feature.

It's 2020 and it's time to expect more from an analog overdrive pedal!

The Golden Boy offers MIDI control over clipping options, gain cycle options and boost EQ options.

The overdrive and boost circuits can also be turned on or off with MIDI: making integration into any rig (simple or complex) super easy.

Jackson Audio Golden Boy Overdrive Features:

• Designed in collaboration with Joey Landreth.

• Based on the Bluesbreaker / King of Tone type circuit.

• Open, uncompressed and transparent sounding overdrive.

• 4 presets for clipping options.

• Innovative Gain Cycle feature.

• 3 band active EQ for maximum tonal flexibility.

• 4 presets available on the MOSFET boost circuit.

• MIDI control over clipping options, gain cycle options, boost EQ options (as well as ON/OFF of the overdrive and boost circuits).

• Power: 9V DC.

• Current Draw: 100mA.

• Dimensions: 2.7” x 4.875”.



Type Overdrive
Condition New
Power 9 - 18V DC
Current Draw 100mA
Power supply included No
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime
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