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Boutique Guitar Pedals & Effects

We have a huge selection of boutique guitar effects pedals from builders like Effectrode, Keeley, Rockett Pedals, Wampler and much more.

USD $ 159.99
Southampton Pedals Fifth Gear Overdrive Pedal. The Fifth Gear goes from barely-there overdrive to a distortion that toes the line of fuzz. The Fifth...

USD $ 209.99
A precision tone shaping tool that is particularly awesome on bass! The Ictineo is Southampton's remake of a classic (and near impossible to find) bass...

USD $ 259.00
Southampton Pedals Utility Knife Modulator. Think modulation pedals are too complicated? Maybe you're just not a "modulation player"? The Utility...

USD $ 259.00
Southampton Pedals Indie Dream OD / Delay / Reverb Pedal. The Indie Dream combines overdrive, delay and reverb: everything you need for a gig (except a...

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